Canyon View Preparatory Academy

Prescott Valley


Canyon View helps to prepare every student for multiple tracks of post secondary learning and assists students and parents with planning, paperwork, college visits, and financial aid.


  • Focus on early planning for our students. All students will take the PSATs as sophomores and juniors, and seniors will take the SATs at least once.
  • Most juniors will enroll in a class which helps them prepare to attend college called Post Secondary Planning. Students will be taken to inner-state universities, community colleges, private colleges, and trade schools to see a wide example of the possibilities beyond high school.
  • Every student will fill out a financial aid application through FAFSA, as well as multiple scholarship applications that are available to them.
  • Each student will fill out applications to several choices of universities and schools, and have them reviewed by our guidance staff.
  • Each student will have the opportunity to be a registered member with Yavapai College by their junior year and have access to the colleges resources and classes for the remainder of their high school career, as well as after they graduate.
  • Students will be counseled throughout each enrollment and registration process to ensure that they are prepared not only for graduation, but their college or career choice following high school.