Canyon View Preparatory Academy

Prescott Valley


All students have an opportunity to earn college credits through Yavapai College and/or AP courses within a specific track of study, or as university pre-requisites for bachelor's degrees. Classes are taken either with the JTED program, with the college directly, or as AP courses. Transportation to some programs is provided. Students not interested in these tracks of study have a variety of on-campus electives to choose from. 


Courses offered through JTED include:

          -Sports Medicine                                                           -Nursing Services (CNA)

          -Pre-Engineering/Robotics                                             -Welding Technologies

          -Transportation Technologies                                         -Aviation Technology

          -Culinary Arts                                                                -Electrical Line Worker

          -Medical Professions                                                     -Drafting and Design

          -Education Professions

University Program Bachelor Pre-Requisites:




Canyon View Prep is a member of the Canyon Educational Participant (CEP) program with Grand Canyon University. 

The advantages are as follows:

  • Additional scholarship opportunities for Canyon View Prep students
  • Dual Enrollment courses for Canyon View Prep 25% off current tuition costs (this is paid by CVP for students who are approved to enroll in dual enrollment classes.)
  • Discounted tuition rates for CVP Parents, Staff and Faculty
  • School grant opportunities
  • A Link to Canyon View Prep on GCU's website

Core classes taught include the state-mandated requirements for graduation as outlined at the Arizona Department of Education Website. 22 credits needed to graduate include:


          -English: 4 credits                         -Math: 4 credits                                  -Lab Science: 3 credits

          -World History: 1 credit               -US History: 1 credit                           -Government: 0.5 credits

          -Economics: 0.5 credits                -Fine Arts: 1 credit                              -Foreign Language: 2 credits

          -Electives: 3 credits                      -Phys. Ed/Health: 1 credit                  -CTE: 1 credit