Canyon View Preparatory Academy

Prescott Valley


Canyon View programs are purposefully designed to be academically rigorous, with high expectations for our students. We are a fully accredited institution, which uses highly qualified teachers to teach core academic subjects 

and elective courses to our students.

We utilize the following:

  • Highly qualified teachers that are trained to teach learning skills needed in both post secondary colleges and careers such as; writing, informational text decoding, research, communication, collaboration, and proactive inquiry.
  • Teachers use a variety of instructional methods and inquiry based learning to allow students to master the skills and ensure that no students are left out of the learning process.
  • Academics are based on primary source documents, real world examples, and the curriculum is directly related to the global world around us.
  • Elective courses and college courses allow students to explore their interests while receiving a holistic education that will benefit them in any course of study and complete their high school experience.


Homework, project, and classroom expectations are higher than in a traditional district school. In order to ensure student success we offer both AP Courses and Traditional programs of study. Every student, in either AP Courses or Traditional programs, have the same class options and same opportunities. However, we feel it is important to continue to academically challenge every student and grow them to their highest potential.

AP Courses vs. Traditional:

The academic expectations are universal for all students at Canyon View Prep. All students are expected to meet the standards that will allow them to be successful in a 4 year university after graduating. Students placed in the Traditional classes will have the same expectations as those in AP Classes, but will work at a more average pace and may be more in depth, if needed, in order to be successful. All students will have multiple opportunities to explore and use the skills they learn.

AP, or Advanced Placement, is a term which describes courses leading to examinations during the end of a student's senior year. A high score in these examinations generally helps students placement in college. AP courses involve significantly more challenging curriculum and more rigorous homework.